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Sweet Surrender -- by Ammer / Console
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A liaison of trancetracks, reality show and grand emotion: "Sweet surrender" is a logical continuation of the award-winning radio play "On the Tracks" by Ammer & Console (WDR 2002 / code 06). In "Sweet Surrender" six stalkers set out once more to shadow unsuspecting fellow humans, trying to snatch from them the secret of their existence. This time the rule of the game is: "Follow your love!" - always with the recording device at hand. The protocols of the shadows lead along deserted roads, through cemeteries and red light districts to one's own front door, right into the heart, and around gaping wounds to the final kiss before the open microphone. Passion unfiltered, love seen through the magnifying glass ... and the music playing seductive tunes all the while.

Only form distinguishes this work of art from real life: 15 musical tracks weave these captured love stories into an acoustic portrait of our longings, and they sound very much like life itself: serious and menacing, serene and full of relish.

Insa Backe, Moritz Eggert, Markus Gr├╝n, Schorsch Kamerun, Katja Lange-M├╝ller, Tim Staffel
Redaktion: Martina M├╝ller-Wallraf

Andreas Ammer, born in 1960, is a journalist and freelance radio and television author. He has produced several award-winning radio plays, in collaboration with FM Einheit and Ulrike Haage among others. Ammer's and Console's most recent production was the radio play "On the TracksÔÇť for the WDR, which won the ARD-Online-Award.

Console, born in 1973 as Martin Gretschmann, is a musician and a genius of sound. Apart from his work as "Console" ("reset the preset") and various projects with other artists, he plays in the band "The Notwist"

code is the joint label of Andreas Ammer and Console: www.coderecords.de

1. So ein herrlicher Tag  Buy MP3   € 1.20
2. Dann wollen wir mal sehen, wie sich die Person entwickelt  Buy MP3   € 1.20
3. ├ťberall stehen Leute einfach nur rum  Buy MP3   € 1.20
4. Ja, ich versuche ihr zu folgen  Buy MP3   € 1.20
5. Sie hat dunkelblondes Haar  Buy MP3   € 1.20
6. Ich sollte versuchen, ihn zu beschreiben  Buy MP3   € 1.20
7. Ich hab gesehen, dass neben dem Felsblock ein Rotwein steht  Buy MP3   € 1.20
8. Dieser Tag ist eigentlich schon perfekt  Buy MP3   € 1.20
9. Auf der gegen├╝berliegenden Seite bewegt sich eine Frau  Buy MP3   € 1.20
10. Hier und da durchaus nett aussehende M├Ądchen  Buy MP3   € 1.20
11. Jetzt ist sie in der anderen Ecke  Buy MP3   € 1.20
12. Ich sitze gerade zu Hause und werde mir eine Zigarette drehen  Buy MP3   € 1.20
13. Ein bei der Frauenverfolgung nicht unwesentlicher Aspekt  Buy MP3   € 1.20
14. Unsere Dame auf dem Steinblock hat wieder Besuch bekommen  Buy MP3   € 1.20
15. Ich folge meiner Liebe  Buy MP3   € 1.20
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